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Sallaum Lines operates in a positive influential atmosphere demonstrating integrity and transparency throughout our business relationships to create an empowering workplace. The line is also in discussions to establish separate regular services covering respectively the trades from North Europe to destinations in the Mediterranean Sea and intra Mediterranean destinations, which will also enable cargo originating from the Mediterranean to be connected to the existing service from North Europe to West Africa.
The Line also intends to introduce a hub port in West Africa enabling it to extend the range of ports covered in the area, originating from the USA.

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Distinguished and deep market knowledge across our trades combined with premium quality service standards and a strong corporate culture, is the recipe of our success. We meet the needs and requirements of the end user, both for used and new manufactured vehicles. At Sallaum Lines each client is important and our motivated and professional teams are there for you at all times.

Many thanks to our clients' loyalty generously received over several decades.
Sallaum Lines

Sallaum Lines Office

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introductionallaum Lines is an International car carrier specialized in RORO cargo shipping for cars, vans, trucks, high and heavy equipment from Europe and USA to West African destinations. Over the years, the line expanded its activities across a network of dedicated agents targeting the highest level of customer satisfaction. With our strong focus and reliable ocean transportation services, we aim to meet various customer exchange patterns. The Line fleet consists of owned and chartered carrier vessels, capable of handling a wide...read more.   
Sebring  Antwerp 23/01 Dakar 01/02
Express     Cotonou 08/02
      Lagos  09/02
    PointeNoire 11/02
      Douala 14/01
Silver Ray Antwerp  29/01 Abidjan 10/02
      Lome 13/02
       Freetown 16/02 
      Conakry 17/02 
Morning Celine Baltimore 14/12 Cotonou 02/01
  Newark 18/12 Lome 03/01
  Boston 21/12 Lagos 05/01

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Check out the latest Line Schedule!

Dear valuable Shippers,

In order to avoid any awkwardness, it is more likely to keep checking the Schedule daily as minor modifications may occur. This procedure will help you estimate shipment arrival to destinations allowing the customers to track their units over a time scale.

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